Diego Glazer

Mexican Artist Painter

Emerging artist who explores the infinite possibilities offered by oil painting.
Currently, the painter Diego Glazer focuses on different genres of figurative painting that include human figure, landscape and still life.

About Me

Mexican Artist Painter.

For as long as I can remember, I have been on a quest to represent convincingly on canvas what I see in the physical world, what I see in my mind and what I feel.

I want my paintings to transport the viewer to an otherworldly atmosphere, and at the same time give a familiar feeling. I want them to be beautiful physical objects in which the viewer can lose himself in exploration and finally be moved.

"I enjoy trying to tame the difficult medium that is oil painting, as well as the mess and accidents that happen when using it."

Mexican Figurative Painter

One of my priorities as an artist has been to explore many different styles, mentalities and methods of painting that often have little to do with each other.